about me.

welp, i’m holly, although in the invisionfree/jcink rpg world, you may know me as carrie. i’ve been using that alias for years for various reasons, so yeah. 8) i’m a twenty year old midwesterner and a HUGE animal lover. even though i’m not a vegetarian. but still. animals are slkdjfals;fkjsdf. they make me happy. just like the amount of television i watch, which is too much. the only sport i really truly like is hockey (i’m a blackhawks fan, yo). i’m a staunch liberal, but that is not what this blog is about. i believe wholly in religion, but that is not what this blog is about. that being said, yes, i will have opinions that i post every now and then. i’m an opinionated person, but i’m not starting wars here (i usually remember to tag ‘politics’ if i post things about, well, politics). this is mostly rants about my life and even more fangirling. i love to chat, so just drop me a line if you so desire! everything in italics is otps, queens, life ruiners, etc.

currently watching:

  • doctor who
  • rookie blue
  • mad men (season 2)
  • bones
  • new girl
  • castle
  • chicago fire
  • teen wolf
  • flashpoint (season 4)
  • parks and recreation (catching up on last season)
  • orphan black

i used to watch: 

  • grey’s anatomy (through season 5)
  • chuck
  • pushing daisies
  • house (through season 4)
  • lost
  • band of brothers 
  • glee (through season 2) 
  • ugly betty
  • downton abbey (through season 2, some of 3)
  • grimm (season 1)
  • the office (through season 8, bits and pieces of 9)
  • once upon a time (through season 1, part of 2)
  • friday night lights

movies (i can’t pick super favorites; they’re all perfection):

  • one day
  • beginners
  • beauty and the beast
  • the lion king
  • blue valentine
  • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • anastasia
  • bridesmaids
  • silver linings playbook

books (i can’t pick super-favorites; they’re all perfection):

  • harry potter
  • the hunger games
  • one day
  • the perks of being a wallflower
  • the catcher in the rye
  • the manuscript from accra by paolo coelho
  • mitch albom books in general
  • i also read a shit load of nonfiction because i’m a dork


  • johnny cash
  • bob dylan
  • mumford and sons
  • adele
  • snow patrol
  • the fray
  • augustana
  • the damnwells
  • blondie
  • fleetwood mac
  • the civil wars
  • bon iver
  • coldplay


  • jim/pam (the office)
  • ben/leslie (parks and recreation)
  • alex/izzie (grey’s anatomy)
  • chuck/sarah (chuck)
  • sawyer/juliet (lost)
  • amy/rory (doctor who)
  • the doctor/river (doctor who) 
  • sybil/branson (downton abbey) 
  • mary/matthew (downton abbey) 
  • anna/mr. bates (downton abbey)
  • sam/andy (rookie blue)
  • finn/quinn (glee)
  • booth/brennan (bones)
  • hodgins/angela (bones)
  • nick/jess (new girl)
  • daniel/betty (ugly betty)
  • ned/chuck (pushing daisies)
  • castle/beckett (castle)
  • mills/dawson (chicago fire)
  • hallie/casey (chicago fire)
  • scott/allison (teen wolf)
  • sam/jules (flashpoint)
  • isaac/allison (teen wolf)
  • cora/stiles (teen wolf)
  • dov/chloe (rookie blue)
  • chris/gail (rookie blue)


  • john krasinski 
  • jim sturgess 
  • michelle williams 
  • jennifer lawrence 
  • yvonne strahovski
  • zachary levi 
  • ryan gosling
  • rachel mcadams 
  • andrew garfield 
  • karen gillan 
  • matt smith 
  • rashida jones
  • dianna agron
  • melanie laurent
  • marion cotillard
  • arthur darvill
  • eddie redmayne
  • emily deschanel
  • sophia bush
  • benedict cumberbatch
  • emma stone
  • lauren german
  • missy peregrym
  • tom hiddleston


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